Call Room: Telephone Booths 2.0

Nell’era digitale in cui viviamo, le cabine telefoniche tradizionali sono diventate un simbolo di un’epoca passata. However, the evolution of communication has given birth to a new concept that recalls the essence of telephone booths, but with a modern approach: call rooms.

Telephone boxes originated in the late 19th century, when the invention of the telephone in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell opened up new frontiers for remote communication. Initially, telephones were stationary and installed inside buildings or homes. The growing demand for public access to telephones led to the creation of the first telephone booths.

The world’s first public telephone booth was installed in 1889 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Since then, they have spread rapidly throughout the world, becoming an integral part of cities and communities, even reaching Italy, which in 1952 saw the installation of its first public telephone booth in Piazza San Babila, in Milan. Telephone booths offered a convenient and affordable way for people to communicate in public places, allowing them to make calls without having to own a personal telephone.

The iconic English booth, the Red Telephone Box

During their heyday they became cultural icons, appearing in films, books and works of art. They have played a key role in romance, business, and emergencies, providing an anchor of stability and connection in an ever-changing world.

With the advent of cell phones and the widespread availability of mobile communications, the use of phone booths has declined significantly. However, the concept of a dedicated place to make important calls has remained relevant, which is where the call room comes into play.

Call rooms were developed as a response to the need for privacy and concentration during business calls. In an increasingly connected world where business communications often take place at a distance, they offer a quiet and secluded environment where calls can be made without external distractions.

They can be found in different contexts, such as shops, airports, shopping centers or offices, like ours. They offer a practical and functional alternative to calls made in shared or noisy spaces, allowing you to maintain the privacy and concentration necessary for business communications. Practically constituting the evolution of the telephone booth: more comfortable, more pleasant, more professional.

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