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Fulvia Finelli has been following the business centre sector from close quarters for more than 30 years, thus providing a first-hand and professional inside account.

Greta Caioni emerging blogger of Generation Y. Passionate about the visual arts and naturally curious, she shares her experiences and new knowledge in the sector.

Let’s start over from 10

22.11.22: 35 years have now passed since that distant 1987 when everything began. So one day we looked around and realized that, while we were aging, our customers were …

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Call Room: Telephone Booths 2.0

Nell’era digitale in cui viviamo, le cabine telefoniche tradizionali sono diventate un simbolo di un’epoca passata. However, the evolution of communication has given birth to a new concept that recalls …

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Your work, our home

In many cases, work represents only a source of livelihood, a transitional place where we spend much of our days. But what happens when this place becomes much more? When …

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Hybrid work: the future of work is hybrid.

Hybrid work, or “lavoro ibrido” in Italian, is an emerging trend in the world of work that is gaining more attention following the global COVID-19 pandemic. This new work model …

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Coworking: from a small reality to a revolutionary global trend.

Today there are coworking spaces in all major cities around the world. However, it is only recently that the phenomenon has really exploded. Before that, coworking was a formula used …

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Legal domicile and registered office: what they are and what are the benefits.

  The registered office of a company represents its official address and the location where the company’s administrative center is located. It is important because it represents its identity and …

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What’s the difference between an SRL and an SRLS?

Choosing the right type of company for your business is an important decision for any entrepreneur. In Italy, two of the most popular forms of companies are the Società a …

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