Why c/oworking?


Coworking is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional offices, and more and more companies are creating shared workspaces to offer a more collaborative and flexible experience to their employees and freelancers.

But why choose “c/oworking”? The term is a play on words born from the combination of the symbol “℅”, abbreviation of “care of”, and “coworking”. We have combined these two concepts to create a name that represents our commitment to taking care of people and spaces in order to ensure a comfortable and productive environment. Our goal is to create a welcoming and collaborative workspace that helps people achieve their professional goals. We are committed to providing excellent service and meeting the needs of our clients, by offering quality equipment and services.

Coworking represents much more than just a shared workspace. Thanks to its collaborative nature, it fosters the creation of synergies among professionals from different fields, offering networking opportunities and the exchange of ideas. Moreover, the stimulating and motivating work environment fosters creativity and productivity. Sharing space and resources with other professionals promotes the development of common projects, mutual learning, and collaboration among the different realities present.

In summary, “c/oworking” represents our commitment to taking care of the people and shared workspaces we offer, to ensure a comfortable, productive, and stimulating environment. Because we care :)

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