Let’s start over from 10

22.11.22: 35 years have now passed since that distant 1987 when everything began. So one day we looked around and realized that, while we were aging, our customers were getting younger. Not just compared to us, but also compared to our customers from 35 years ago. It was time to change pace to keep up with the times. A nice refresh, a new perspective, a different language to say (almost) the same things speaking (almost) the same language as our new customers. So we went digging around the web and found a couple of interesting things, such as the fact that the virtual office perfectly matched the concept of the metaverse and that what we called a “furnished office”, Googlers called “coworking”.
Coworking: a space where people work together. A space that we had to identify not only with a name but above all with a place to be inclusive: belfiore10, precisely.
Coworking: a place where we have always taken care of the people who work with us. At our place, the concept of coworking takes on a new meaning: c/o working people, precisely.
In this way, a new brand and a new payoff take shape that will mark our next steps and will color our communication with their pastel shades from now on. All this was made possible thanks to the creative flair of Attico Rossini who was able to interpret and give shape to our vision of the future: has combined the perfection expressed by the number 10 with the symbology of localization by enclosing the two concepts and stylizing them in this logo which from today on will identify us in the meta- and in the uni-verse.

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