Smart Office: what else?

When we think of something smart, we think of something that simplifies our life: smart is the phone that allows us to do everything (or almost everything) wherever we are, as long as there is a decent wifi or data connection. Smart is the watch that monitors our heart rate, alerts us to a message, reminds us that we haven’t walked enough today, and scolds us if we don’t burn enough calories. And it even tells us what time it is! Smart is the washing machine that doesn’t waste water or detergent, smart is the TV that allows us to access all the entertainment available on any transmission medium. And then there will be smart roads, the intelligent future of mobility.

But when can an office be called smart?

When, for example, it is broken down into the many pieces that make it up to allow for the flexibility that can bring cost optimization without sacrificing quality. For example: “I need an office where someone answers the phone for me in a professional manner, a human secretary, in short, that gives my business that touch of professionalism it deserves.” In reality, you don’t need an office but a personalized phone line. And here’s a piece that breaks down so you can take it and use it to grow your business. Or: “My new company should have a prestigious address, I need to find an office that gives my business a shine for where it is and how it presents itself.” Here’s another piece: legal domiciliation, that’s what you need! “Instead, I need to find an office because I can’t receive clients at home or in a hotel lobby, it’s not professional!”. Actually, yes, you need an office: but not every day of the year for six years in a row! Maybe you just need it once in a while, maybe for two or three days, or maybe a month. An office by the day, for example. Or a temporary office, maybe to see how things go until you can afford a space of your own. And maybe then you’ll be convinced that a smart office could be, why not, like having a space of your own. In fact, better! Choose a smart office tailored to you, whether it’s a virtual office or a day office, a legal domiciliation or a furnished office: it’s the smartest choice you can make for yourself and your business!

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