It’s all about smart!

We are at the end of this restless and disturbing year in which we have discovered ourselves weaker and more vulnerable than we could ever imagine. More human, certainly, but at the same time perhaps more inhumane. Certainly, more smart. Everything that we used to do “normally”, now that normality is suspended, we are forced to do “smart”. Starting with smart working, but also smart shopping, even though we were already heading in that direction for some time, smart dining with delivery and take-away, smart moving with electric scooters, and smart entertainment with cinema at home, comfortably seated on our sofa. As for smart thinking, well, that’s another story. But without being presumptuous, we at Executive Service have always been smart. And so are our clients.

What’s smarter than a virtual office when you don’t need a physical space but need to conquer a market, yes? Because not occupying a physical space means saving on business management costs, and that’s definitely smart, isn’t it? But not only that: it means you don’t have to commute to the office every morning, you don’t have to take the car, tram, train, bus or scooter: your office is operational and manned, with that look of elegance and professionalism that distinguishes it, regardless of where you are and what you are doing. Because if “smart” means intelligent, its first meaning is precisely “elegant” and fashionable. So go ahead and continue working from home in your tracksuit or, why not, your pajamas: we’ll take care of making you look good! Keep virtual and be smart!

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